Team Members


Chloe Lane

 Specialty: Undecided
Experience: 1 year of FTC
Job: CAD trainee, exploring
Goals: ​Architect

Hello! My name is Chloe Lane and I am a 9th grader at Don Tyson School of Innovation. This is my second year on the team and after exploring all the jobs last year, I have decided to take up CAD! This team has made my dream of architecture so much more realistic! There are so many opportunities to bond with other people, the friends you make here are friends for life.


Natalie Morris


Specialty: Electrical and Mechanical
Experience: 1 year of FLL, 4 years of FTC
Job: Undecided
Goals: ​Biomechanical Engineering

I am Natalie Morris and I am an 11th grader at the Don Tyson School of Innovation. While doing robotics I also do girl scouts and maintain a 4.0 GPA. You know when you are in school and the teachers are like “say no to drugs,” well I failed. FIRST is an addicting drug that pulls you in and never lets you go. It make you see things in a new way and opens new doors


Summer Garner

 Specialty: Electrical and Business
Experience: 1 year of JrFLL, 4 years of FLL, 4 years of FTC
Job: Engineering Notebook, PR, Electrical
Goals: ​Design a line of electronically enhanced clothes

​Hi! My name is Summer Garner, I am an 11th grader at the Don Tyson School of Innovation. I have been doing robotics for 8 years now and I love it! This is going to prepare me for my future in Electronic clothing, and help me in the workforce. In FIRST, you can ALWAYS be yourself. Honestly everyone is kinda like a dog, when they get to competition they are excited to meet everyone and play with everyone no matter who you are. 


Vanessa Lane


Specialty: Mechanical
Experience: 2 years of FLL, 4 years of FTC
Job: Builder
Goals: ​Neonatologist

I am Vanessa Lane and I am a 10th grader at Springdale High School. Along with robotics, I also play basketball. Robotics has helped lead me on the path to my career of neonatology. Robotics has really helped me with my public speaking and has helped me out of my shell.

Coaches and Mentors


Jennifer Garner


Experience: Coached for 10 years
College Attended: University of Arkansas

Career: Electrical Engineer

Hi! My name is Jennifer Garner and this is my 6th year coaching the girls. My involvement in FIRST began 10 years ago with FLL. Over the years I have coached and mentored FLL, FTC, and FRC. One of the reasons I love coaching the girls so much is the look of pure joy on their face throughout their whole learning experience!


Curtis Morris


Experience: Coached for 3 years

College Attended: University of Arkansas

Career: Museum Curator

I am Curtis Morris and this is my 3nd year of coaching the team. I have watched my daughter's team for 6 years now at both FLL and FTC. I believe that FIRST teaches young adults real-world skills.

Team info



 Our journey started 6 years ago when two of our members formed an FLL team. They wanted to show the world that girls could be in stem activities and could succeed as well. They quickly recruited their friends to join the team. The next year they decided to move up to FTC for more of a challenge. That first year we made it all the way to Oklahoma state, Missouri state, and Arkansas state! Each year our learning progressed and we reached higher levels of competition. This is now our fifth year of FTC and we are more knowledgeable than ever!