Ongoing Outreach

Razorback Invitational

Every year we volunteer at the FLL Razorback Invitational. 

Tech Camp

We throw a tech camp for kids ages 5-12. Preschoolers free build with legos, elementary schoolers build FLL robots, and middle schoolers build FTC robots.

Pancake Breakfast

We host a pancake breakfast at the annual swap meet of the ozarks. A great fundraiser and outreach event


We participate in the local Ozark Stemposium. We let kids drive our robots and we connect them with local teams.

Detroit Worlds

We volunteer at the Detroit World Championship every year. It is a goof chance to make connections, friendships, and vol

Springdale Robotics Center

We participate in a 501-C3 organization called Springdale Robotics. Recently we leased a new building to house a center for all teams to come and work out of.